Named 60's Bands

Check out our Named 60's Bands! We have some of the well know bands and solo singers from the 60's that you saw on the TV or heard on the radio!

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Named 60's Band: Herman's Hermit's
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Herman's Hermit's

60's Band

The Mid-60's music scene was dominated by British Acts; three of which became household names - The Beatles - The Rolling Stones and Herman's Hermits, who are one of the most successful groups throughout the world. From their beginning in...more ]

Named 60's Band: The Fortunes
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The Fortunes

Named 60's Band

Hailing from Birmingham, England, The Fortunes first came to prominence and international acclaim during that Golden Era of Popular Music - the swinging mid-sixties. Following on in the wake of Merseybeat, and the R&B of The Stones, etc, The...more ]

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